Balance BandsĀ 


Last year I received a bracelet for a gift. The rubber-beaded jewelry was mostly clear with the exception of one white and black bead. This was my first time seeing that kind of bracelet. I was told it was a Lokai band. I smiled, playing off the fact I didn’t know what a ‘Lokai’ band was. I figured it was just a regular bracelet but I soon learned the meaning behind the bands.

Later that evening I looked up Lokai and was instantly intrigued. The bands are infused with water from Mt. Everest and mud from the Dead Sea. These infusions represent the highest and lowest points on earth. When we’re riding the high wave in life and things are going well, don’t forget to stay humble. When we’re low and feeling down or hopeless, don’t forget to keep the faith. 

As I continued to surf the site I found that 10% of the profits from the bands are donated to charity partners. I have many connections to the charity partners both personally and professionally, being an educator.

Life certainly is a journey full of peaks and valleys. There will be both good and bad times, but you must maintain a sense of faith and optimism throughout. Balance is the key šŸ–¤